Data Center Technovillage

Biznet Data Center Technovillage has Tier-3 Certified Green Data Center Space. Located in Cibubur, about 35 KM South of Jakarta Central Business District (CBD) and 20 KM North of Bogor. With gross area about 6,000 m2, equipped with N+1 standard for full back up power and cooling systems to support your 24x7x365 operation, the Data Center is suitable for Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) operation.


Biznet Technovillage
Jl. Biznet Technovillage No. 1
Cimanggis, West Java 16995 - Indonesia

Leasing Status: Available

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Feature Description
Power With power supply capacity up to 20 MW, Biznet Data Center Technovillage is the first data center in Indonesia which equipped Dynamic Rotary Uninterruptable Power Supply (DRUPS). We replace UPS to DRUPS to support our customers' businesses better as well as create a green environment. The power systems are designed as built-in redundancy with full back up N+1 DRUPS or more for the critical power as well as the backup generators for the non-critical power in the event of our local utility failure. For specific requirements, please contact.
Cooling Due to the nature of the service, Biznet Data Center Technovillage is using an air based cooling system in contrast to the water-based cooling system and the temperature is kept constant at 22 degree celcius (+/- 2) and the moisture is kept constant at 55% (+/- 10).
Security Biznet Data Center Technovillage has a state-of-the-art security management system that controls access of the data center and surrounding buildings. Using visitor management software that is supplied with access card and CCTV are mounted on every corner of our facilities to aid the surveillance system as well as our professional security guards with 24x7x365 operation.
Fire Hazard and Protection systems Biznet Data Center Technovillage is equipped with HSSD (High Sensitivity Smoke Detector) to detect the presence of fire around the building. A dry pipe with precaution fire system sprinkler with two layers protection is installed in all building. We do not use FM 200 system due to the environmental hazard that it can cause. Biznet Data Center Technovillage is an environmentally friendly infrastructure and we pay close attention on preserving the nature.
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